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"It's A Great Time to Be ALIVE!"



SF' Philosophies


My philosophies are simple:”It’s a great time to be alive!” and "Change is an inside out process."


Each day we’re able to breath air, should be reciprocated with our efforts to give 100% of ourselves in whatever endeavor the day brings: play, work, relaxation; after all, life is a gift--not a privilege.


Now, to express these ideals is easy--to apply them to your life takes consistent effort and time.


With such convictions in these philosophies, I’ve made it my mission to help adults and children enhance their lives for the better and get more enjoyment out of each day.


I believe in you and your power to create the lifestyle you desire--it starts with a decision.


I’ve had the awesome privilege and opportunity to teach strategies and techniques that have helped people from various cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual orientations, religions, ages and colors. People, who like you, value the results of becoming better and are not afraid to take the challenge to make improvements in their lives.


I look forward to working with you and your organization. See you soon!


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