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 SF. Banks FULL BIO!

SF. Banks has over 20 years of experience helping parents to develop their children. Author of the parenting book, “Persevere Overcome Win, creator and director of Camp Warrior King Youth Development Camps, the Innovator of  “You Can Have It All” International Conferences, ” the owner/teacher of “I AM” Defense martial arts program (10 years). I AM Defense was created in honor of his aunt and cousin who succumbed from an episode of domestic violence. Additionally, Shaun is the developer of Raising Exceptional Children," a program created to give parents a resource of ideas to help their parenting efforts. Recently, Shaun Adopted the "Help Children In Africa" orphanage during his 2018 International Conference and crusade in Uganda, East Africa. There, children in need are assisted with many crucial resources like clothing, schooling items and medical needs.


Shaun "SF" Banks teaches businesses, organizations as well as many families and individuals each year; helping them to develop peak performance strategies, empowering them to excel. Additionally, SF. works with schools and parents who are motivated to develop their children for success. 

Like you, SF Banks knows what it’s like to have a dream or goal that sometimes seems unreachable. To have people doubting you and to face challenges that appear unconquerable. But then, SF accepted a critical truth that changed his life:

Whoever controls the reins of your dreams controls your future.

Growing up SF learned valuable lessons about persevering through tough circumstances. Later,  Shaun found himself with very little income, working at various jobs and developing his passion for helping people. Grabbing the reins of his dreams, as a restaurant waiter with little corporate selling experience, SF entered the sales arena. There, SF. Banks began to thrive.

Now, as performance enhancing developer of people, SF. Banks shares stories, lessons, and the type of motivation that ignites the hotshots towards greater success, moves the average players into taking more action, and excites your attendees to fully engage and come back for more.

Savvy Organizations not only desire for their groups to be inspired, but more importantly, they want to walk away with knowledge and strategies  that can be put to use immediately. Strategies that last.  Groups seeking improved, quantifiable and qualitative results--choose SF. Banks.

When SF is on the platform your group will have the knowledge and ability needed to take the proven path away from the crowd and into the spotlight.

For parents and educators, SF. Banks is revolutionizing the way we approach developing children in the 21st century. His easy to execute strategies and ideals along with high-powered, candid and results-driven messages, makes SF. a go-to guy for educating teachers, leaders, parents and other child-related professionals. His  latest book Persevere, Overcome, Win, is a playbook for developing children with an edge on the competition as well as the most effective parenting strategies.

SF. Banks’ educational background includes undergraduate work at the University of Alabama (Business) and Georgia State University (Sociology/Speech Communication/Planning) and workshops at Stanford University, Emory University and The University of Michigan.

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