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Looking for a dynamic motivator to get students fired-up at your next pep-rally or function? Do you need a presenter to deliver the "knock-out punch"? SF. Banks will assist motivated organizations and mentoring programs to navigate their valued youth toward improved, calculated and reliable solutions in relationship to school, social issues and family involvement.


Within many social, educational and faith organizations there are children who simply become prey to pressure, fall into complacency and develop a lack of accountability. SF. Delivers an entertaining, funny, yet piercing message that will get your children motivated to realize their greatest potential.

Highly Requested topics: 

  • Succeeding Modelling, Dreaming, Helping! 

  • Holla If You Hear Me! 

  • Dodging Traps. 

  • Success Begins In You. 

  • Persevere Overcome Win. 

  • Duck, Dodge, Jump, Climb, Run. 

Topics can be presented in workshop or keynote fashion.


Take action by completing a client questionaire about your upcoming event. Let's get started! Contact us below! "IT'S A GREAT TIME TO BE ALIVE!"


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