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A Good Attitude Will Take you Where a Dollar Won't:

My mother has always told me “A good attitude will take you where a dollar won’t.”  I’ve learned through experience that people are more likely to lend a helping hand to someone with a great attitude and less likely to support someone who has a nasty attitude.

In order for us to develop a child’s confidence, he or she must also have their attitude set to winning. What do I mean? Well, have you ever baked a cake? If you look on the back of the box, or on the recipe, there will normally be an instruction to set the oven temperature to a desired heat. Now, when you set the temperature does the oven instantly become hot? No, you set the temperature and then it normally takes a few minutes to arrive at the degree of heat you desire. While you wait, you continue with other instructions like mixing or prepping.

 Developing the right attitude is no different. Keep in mind the child you’re helping--especially if it’s not your own, already has an attitude set. Your job is to develop that attitude to a higher level and it takes time. As the child is improving in the areas of confidence, his or her “I can, I will,” attitude will get better and better.

The Faith Foundation: 

If children were to be described as a castle, the Confidence Source, is like their vault tucked deep inside the castle holding the treasures and capacity of the kingdom. A Confidence Source works like a bank account: the more positive you deposit and the less you withdraw (meaning the fewer avoidable, negative thoughts, experiences, word choices and people you have)—the richer you become.

In the case of developing children, a high Confidence Source means a child is receiving lots of positive deposits. This child will have a high level of self-realization, a great chance of following through on task, taking initiative and a much greater chance of achieving his or her dreams.

A low Confidence Source means there are too many withdrawals causing a child to have insufficient Confidence. As a result, a low Confidence Source leads to greater risk of failing on assignments, a lack of initiative and a higher propensity to have negative behavior. Worse, children with a low Confidence Source will have a much harder time realizing their potential and positively impacting their community.

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