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Renowned speaker, motivator, Performance Enhancement Specialist Shaun Banks is captivating audiences left and right with his high-powered, witty and candid, result-driven and education oriented messages.


Shaun is quickly becoming the go-to guy for organizations like yours who want to be certain their groups are not only captivated and inspired with great speaking but, more importantly, walk away with knowledge and strategies  that can be put to use immediately for improved quantifiable and qualitative results.


Shaun Banks coaches and mentors people in businesses, organizations and literally hundreds of families and individuals, helping them develop into peak performers in various areas of life including: better personal performance, optimal health, greater self-esteem, heightened focus, stronger discipline and quick action-taking.


Shaun’s passion for developing and cultivating lives using effective, applicable and easy to grasp techniques started back in 1995 when he used to teach martial arts in his family’s backyard to friends in the neighborhood who were being bullied. Growing up, Shaun interned at various recording studios as a writer/musician and constantly work on creative and savvy ways to keep money in his pocket like a lawn service, walking neighborhood dogs or cleaning out the neighbor’s garages in the Spring.


As a young adult, Shaun’s ability to create win-win opportunities payed off big in real-estate, insurance and direct sales, where he learned the value of providing great customer service, loving people, being numbers-driven for greater productivity and becoming self-competitive.

Banks is the founder of Camp Warrior King (, a summer camp and year-round personal development program that serves hundreds of youth, exposing them to extracurricular activities such as fishing, horseback riding and archery as well as an intense educational curriculum such as grade appropriate mathematics, science, social studies and reading.


Shaun is also the founder of I AM Defense (, a martial arts and self-defense program that teaches women and children how to defend against mental and physical attacks in honor of his aunt and cousin who succumbed from an episode of domestic violence.

In addition, Shaun has coordinated various personal development workshops and retreats in the Rocky Mountains, Williamsburg VA and most recently Cumberland Island.



Shaun Banks’ educational background includes undergraduate work at the University of Alabama (Business) and Georgia State University (Sociology/Speech Communication/Planning) and workshops

at Stanford University, Emory University and The University of Michigan.


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