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Domestic violence, homelessness, gang violence, and bullying shaped Shaun Banks' future uniquely and unexpectedly. Instead of the long-lasting adverse effects of these events on most youths, these struggles empowered Shaun to make a difference not only in the poverty-stricken area where he started— but worldwide!  

Some people call him a Tony Robbins of youth personal development. Shaun has worked in the youth development industry for over 20 years, focusing on self-confidence and self-efficacy.  He is the author of 3 books on personal development topics.

When Shaun aspired to bring awareness about the devastation of abuse and domestic violence, he opened the “I AM Defense Institute” to honor his loved ones, both murdered and impacted by domestic violence, and promote personal development systems in local youth.  

 Next, Shaun opened Camp Warrior King, a summer camp to provide exposure to extracurricular activities and personal development.  Shaun’s efforts expanded globally with the “You Can Have It All!” brand, hosting youth conferences and a digital magazine. Later he opened the "Y.C.H.I.A. Orphanage (YCHIAO) in Bombo, Uganda, where he supports over 30 children with shelter, food, education, and school supplies.


The list goes on. Shaun is the creator of the "Success Stacks,” a fun multi-use game that empowers school-age children to believe in their  abilities to reach  goals. He's also the creator of the Team HoTT SAWCE cartoon brand.


When asked about the obstacles he’s gone through and how he succeeded even when the odds were against him, he said, “When the dream is big enough, the facts don’t count. Moreso, what I teach saved my life and helped me reach my goals. It works for others too.

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